This pictures are transferred from the spacepeople civilisations by a hyperspace wavepattern receiver (Receives signals from a different spectrum that travels mutiple times faster than the speed of light).The pictures are sent from alien spacecrafts who belongs to the galactic civilisation. The pictures shows landshapes, cities and so on from inhabited planets in other solarsystems in our and other galaxies. The pictures are sent to the receiving equipment by a intergalactic network. This network operates on a spectrum that allows a signal to travel 10000 light years in 1 nano second. Some of the pictures shows alien constellations of stars viewed from alien planets and from different positions in space. The limitation in the graphic resolution of the pictures have its reason in that the receiver is a prototype. The pictures are filmed with a videocamera targeted against the monitor attached to the receiver. This because the deflection frequencies of the monitor connected to the receiver are not 100% compatible with normal videostandard. The horisontal and vertical frequencies belonging to our videostandard is transmittet through the hyperspace to those at the other end to tell them about the format we like to receive the signals. The videosignals who comes back are not always totaly within this format so a adjustment of the deflection frequencies of the monitor is nessesary. This is the reason why the pictures have a timestamp on them. Then it's used a normal photo camera to photograph the TV screen showing the video with the pictures. This photographs are then scanned into the computer by a normal scanner. This process cause a resolution reduction.

Landscape with water.

Clouds over landscape.

Spacepicture from a different place in the universe.

Surface of a planet.

A city.

Picture transferred from a alien spacecraft.


Agricultural landscape.


Picture taken from alien spacecraft.

Landscape structure.

Landscape structure.

Landscape structure.

Alien starconstellation.

Landscape structures with ice.

Alien starconstellation seen over alien planet.

Spacecraft over city on alien planet.

Over city by the ocean on alien planet.

Inhabited place on alien planet.

City on alien planet seen from the ocean.

Some buildings on alien planet.

Alien planet seen from space.

Picture from alien planet.

City on the other side of the water on alien planet.