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More from the book out of sale/print long ago - made into english
thanks to the energy and work of the "god-father" of ufo-investigation: 
Wendelle Stevens; all honour!!

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some from Page 84;

VIRGILIO - What interest do the extraterrestrians have in us? FILIBERTO - They need to expand to other places and they want to make certain scientific tests. They have good missions because they have a universal love and they understand what has come to pass here. They are also coming from other places where life (like ours) exists. It is only a mission. They say that they still have in them some vanity, but not as much as we.

HYPNOTIST - Sleep profoundly, peacefully, relaxed, tranquil... VIRGILIO - Did they say anything about the pyramids?
FILIBERTO - They began to speak about the pyramids. Then it was when we descended.
VIRGILIO - Of which pyramids did they speak?
FILIBERTO - They began by speaking of the pyramids that control the Earth globe.
HYPNOTIST - Which are they? Give us their names.
FILIBERTO - Then they said to me we are now going to the greater.

HYPNOTIST - Which was it?
FILIBERTO - That which contains the special controls. 
VIRGILIO - They have controls?
FILIBERTO - They have special controls in a mountain that is at the edge of a beach.
HYPNOTIST - Where is that?
FILIBERTO - I don't know exactly, but it was near Berin. HYPNOTIST - The Bearing Straight?


FILIBERTO - Yes, near there, and another village.
HYPNOTIST - What country, or what city, is near there. What did you pass?
FILIBERTO - I didn't pass by any city, we descended directly to the edge of the beach and there they worked a combination on a rock that was there and they opened like a tunnel that went out toward the sea. Other ships that were there came out and they followed behind us and we all went into the sea at great velocity. 

VIRGILIO - In the Atlantic, or the Pacific? 
FILIBERTO - It is between Berin, and they said Berin, and I understood Santiago. These are the reference points, and then 400 into the sea, but I do not know what is 400 into the sea. They went at a speed, a speed such that I could see nothing ahead. It was a fantastic velocity for under water.
HYPNOTIST - Did they tell you many more things? 
FILIBERTO - They spoke of and there they showed me the other pyramids that are around the world.
HYPNOTIST - Which were they?
FILIBERTO - Another that is in the center of the land, another that is...
VIRGILIO - Under the water? 
FILIBERTO - In the water, but in the Atlantic. 
VIRGILIO - And the one in the center of the land?
FILIBERTO - That one I cannot say where until after the 3 months.
VIRGILIO - Is it in the center of this Earth? 
FILIBERTO - Seems like I cannot say, seems like that is in the mission for another person. They showed me but they did not say clearly where it could be found.
HYPNOTIST - And why do you have such fear of talking on other occasions?
FILIBERTO - On other occasions? With whom? 
HYPNOTIST - Who are you? 
FILIBERTO -... (silence) 
HYPNOTIST - Be calm, serene, relaxed, sleep profoundly... 

HYPNOTIST - What did they do to your hands? 
FILIBERTO - They made many tests on me, and there were 108 marks which I had all over my body, and it seemed like it was necessary to make the number 108. They took many tests of all the things. They said also that I, as well as many others, am going to have proofs of superior energy, which is what they called it, superior energy of the reproductive organs, sexually, to make tests, to see the results they are going to have, because the results they have had here on Earth already are conclusive and they are continuing the experiments. 

HYPNOTIST - Did they tell you why they selected you when you were a child?
FILIBERTO - I asked them this question and they told me that it would be disputed, but after other things have come to pass that no... (disturbed)
HYPNOTIST - Be calm, serene, relaxed, sleep soundly...

Filiberto began to show tiredness in his voice and for this reason we decided to discontinue and postpone further hypnosis to another day. Then the hypnotist proceeded to awaken Fili-berto, always suggesting that he would be able to remember everything and all that happened and that it would not cause any emotional problems.

After the hypnotic session we passed to the living room of his house to make our commentaries and prepare for the next ses-sion, leaving the doctor time to make a quick examination of the witness's physical state. We spent nearly an hour talking of other things of lesser importance, when suddenly Mario Rodri-guez and my wife Maria Elena raised both their hands to their ears and covered them. Their faces became disfigured with pain and they were rocking back and forth in their seats, almost bumping their heads on their knees. And then they both began to shout at once AY! AY! ..... . The rest of us looked at each other in surprise. And then we began to ask, what happened, what is going on? A few seconds passed, which seemed like eternities, and then both began to raise their heads again. Their faces no longer showed the pain but surprise at what had happened to them. Maria Elena was the first to speak. "It has passed." We insisted, "But what was it that passed? Tell us." Mter a few minutes of guarded silence they commenced to explain that it felt like a whistling noise in their ears, that it was increasing and pulsating until they began to feel an intense pain in the ears, and that their reactions were uncontrollable. We looked at each other without words and suddenly understood that they were the per-sons mentioned in the hypnotic session, "Two of those are going to have direct proofs. Then they will speak, because it will also bring them to turn around. They are a man and a woman. It will happen to them."

From that moment Maria Elena as well as Mario began to involve themselves in this case in such a manner that today, as I write these lines, she assures me that "This is not only an experi-ence of other people, because we have lived it for ourselves." Both of them have continued developing their psychic faculties in a surprising manner, especially Maria Elena.


some from 4.hyp.session(chapter4):

FILIBERTO - They are showing me the photograph… 
HYPNOTIST - And what does the writing say?
FILIBERTO - No writing, nothing written, I do not see any writing.
HYPNOTIST - Change the page and see if there is any other photos.
FILIBERTO - ... (silence), 
HYPNOTIST - What else is there? 
FILIBERTO -... (silence) 
HYPNOTIST - Answer, tell me, what is there?
FILIBERTO - There is another photograph of. . . it is as if coming out through the front of the...
HYPNOTIST - Of where?
FILIBERTO - Of Matanzas (in Cuba), there outside... but as if it was an island. There is a photograph that shows it as an island! HYPNOTIST - Where? In Cuba?
FILIBERTO - Yes, in Cuba.
HYPNOTIST - And what do they say?
FILIBERTO - Nothing, they are showing me.
HYPNOTIST - What else have they said? What else have they showed you?
FILIBERTO - Now they are showing me that. . . They are showing... look, they are indicating with their finger the things. HYPNOTIST - What are they indicating?
FILIBERTO - But, this one does not speak, he doesn't say anything.
HYPNOTIST - Ask them something to see if they reply. FILIBERTO - The other is, now he is speaking of the... HYPNOTIST - Of what?
FILIBERTO - They say that they know all that we are doing, that I can not... go, that if I... what do you call it... lose the time if I answer you. (The next part is apparently addressed to the aliens that he is with at the time.) If you make me say that things are such, and you tell me a lie, we will know if it is a lie or whether it is the truth. You understand? If it is a lie or if it is the truth then, why did you bring me here? I have a young daughter, and I have two children in Cuba, and I have a wife and two brothers and my whole family, then why did you bring me here?
HYPNOTIST - What does he say?
FILIBERTO - He sort of smiles, and I can see there what he is transmitting, and I have confidence that now he will return me. He says that there is to be given another trip to the other side first.

some pages forward;

HYPNOTIST - They didn't tell you, or say anything to you in the course of the trip?
FILIBERTO - Yes, but it is like they have told me very many things.
HYPNOTIST - Tell me what you remember.
FILIBERTO - They told me . . . Well, that which I most remember, they told me, "We will bring you here 18 months," and then... "Look, we are going to pass to the other side because you have to do other things here." And then I asked them, how was it that. . . and then they told me that my watch was running behind, or that my watch functioned slowly. But that already 18 months of theirs had passed.
HYPNOTIST - Have you eaten?
FILIBERTO - Well, they gave me some things, I don't know what... It was not any food like I eat there with my family.
HYPNOTIST - What was it?
FILIBERTO - It was a thing, like it was some tablets, something like that but much better, I can not explain how it was...
HYPNOTIST - What did you understand?
FILIBERTO - Because they were showing me some things, and then it was like an... interference... My head hurts badly now. HYPNOTIST - What time is it? Look at your watch.
FILIBERTO - Why do I have to look at so much?
HYPNOTIST - What do you see? What do you see?
FILIBERTO - There are distinct, what do you call them, the walls here are like they were various televisions that are show-ing various parts...
HYPNOTIST - What do you see in the televisors?
FILIBERTO - A series of images, and things of a ship, of moun-tains, of mount, the mountain.. . of an airplane, very speedy, such that it was like... you see an airplane...
HYPNOTIST - What is? Louder, I can't hear you.
FILIBERTO - That airplane, that I am looking at in the televisor now seems that it.. . How do you call it?... I have seen in a magazine that is... I don't know what you call it but it is French that is very big...
HYPNOTIST - The Concorde?
FILIBERTO - That, I think it is that that they are showing. Then there is like a round apparatus flying circles around it as though observing and taking pictures of it... Yes, they say this is their first flight that they have made, and they are observing when this first flight is made, because they want to know about the
advancements being made by Earth. 

video on this on youtube

(Comment: there are some examples on ext.contacts where they have demonstrated time-manipulation and been away a long time, but have adjusted their "away from earth-time" such that E-time, only some few hours have gone. That was fx demonstated by the use of the new beamships that Semjase came with in -76, after having used those "old" ships of "variation1" - that she used in the first contacts. Similar here; it seems to have been some kind of time-manipulation in this case too, as his answers indicate. R.Ø.rem.)

HYPNOTIST - Are they more advanced than us?
FILIBERTO - Well, they told me, this that is as if it were a machine, a robot, said that they were thousands of years more advanced than we are, but it didn't tell me how many thousands. But I am thinking that they said that I had 18 months, as they told me the last time, that I have 18 months here, but I am seeing that my watch does not run...
HYPNOTIST - What time is on your watch? 
FILIBERTO - It is 7:37 and some seconds, but it is that I am seeing so many things that it is... but is... is the most important that I am seeing now.

FILIBERTO - The thing about China, the thing that the Chinese are doing, they are showing another time. 
HYPNOTIST - What thing are they showing? 
FILIBERTO - It is about an obelisk, then they are showing the things that are under the obelisk.
HYPNOTIST - What things are under the obelisk? 
FILIBERTO - Under the obelisk... it is like a monument, like the obelisk of Columbia in Cuba but much greater, very much bigger, and then there below there is like as if it were a tomb, and under the tomb there is something like controls that the Chinese can use from there. But it seems that they are keeping this a secret, or it seems like in the whole world there is no other control like this.

HYPNOTIST - Can you speak to them? Will they respond? FILIBERTO - They are speaking to me. 
HYPNOTIST - And can you ask them some things? 
FILIBERTO - Well, when they communicate with me. Other times ... but there are times when I can ask and other times when I can not ask.

HYPNOTIST - Are they tall or very little?
FILIBERTO - The chief, the one who is seated, I have not seen him standing, but from what I can see he seems to be about my size. But he looks like he is very strong.
HYPNOTIST - Is he wearing shoes or boots? 
FILIBERTO - It is like I can not make out good, because, it is like one piece suit.
HYPNOTIST - And the others, the rest?
FILIBERTO - The other, it is like he is showing me a book, the one that wears the suit that tightly fits his body, it is like the women who wear spandex in Cuba. That is what comes to my mind, closely fitted to the body.

HYPNOTIST - Do they have hair?
FILIBERTO - He has like, like such hair, but it looks like the hair that they put on dolls, blond. Looks like false hair. 
HYPNOTIST - Why do they pick you up?
FILIBERTO - They have not yet told me. They say they have to make many contacts, many things, that they are doing with many thousands of contact people.
HYPNOTIST - Have they made any tests on you? 
FILIBERTO - When this began, what I saw in this place where I was I don't know. I had fainted.
HYPNOTIST - Was it much time before you regained con-sciousness?
FILIBERTO - Yes it was, well the last time that they talked to me they said after 18 months. Now I don't know how much time has passed.
HYPNOTIST - Toward where are they going now? Do you know? Have they told you?
FILIBERTO - They say we have to finish the trip before they can return me to Earth.
HYPNOTIST - A trip where?
FILIBERTO - They didn't tell me. They said they have to make another trip.

HYPNOTIST - Did they tell you where?
FILIBERTO - Well, they were talking there of a series of things to... good, I was resting and I felt sure that they would bring me down but...
HYPNOTIST - Did you ask then if they were from Earth, or another planet, or where did they come from? 
FILIBERTO - No, they were from another planet. I had the feeling that I was not on the Earth. Now I am not on the Earth. HYPNOTIST - Why didn't you ask them what planet they were from? Couldn't you ask them?
FILIBERTO - It was like there was an interference. You were asking me a question about something, they were talking to me about something else, then...
HYPNOTIST - Tell me what they were saying. What were they saying?

FILIBERTO - Now they are taking me to another place. HYPNOTIST - Where is that place? 
FILIBERTO - It is an opening, then I am mounting like... They are putting me in a... as if it were the first seat in which they had put me, I don't know. It was like I was fastened to the seat! HYPNOTIST - In the same place?
FILIBERTO - No, now it is another place. 
HYPNOTIST - Did you disembark from the ship you had?
FILIBERTO - no we are in the same ship…


At this point some of the previous confusion began to make a little more sense. The time is different. He has the distinct impression of having spent days of time with them and of hav-ing traveled extensively, to many places, and even away from the planet and back, and he is still within the two hours he was absent from Hialeah. They seem to have passed many days of time in the continuum he is now in.
HYPNOTIST - What did he say?
FILIBERTO - They have shown me distinct things, they have put me in distinct conditions, and they also took me to one of their fiestas, some time ago.
HYPNOTIST - How was the fiesta?
FILIBERTO - But that was much time ago.
HYPNOTIST - Have you slept much since then?
FILIBERTO - Well, I don't know, seems like I have... I didn't see him and suddenly someone is standing at my side, then he asks if I am rested, if I am sleepy, and I don't know what trouble. It seems like they want to drive me crazy.

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