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The Captive

  drawing here made for anoher contact to just humanlike ETs that happend in England

After having been paralyzed by a combination of mysterious light and sound, Filiberto woke up in a seat that seemed to hold him in place by some kind of suction which restrained all his movements. He was in a small room. At his side were three strange figures. One of them, though of human form, seemed more like a robot. The other two also had a human appearance, and seemed to have life. They were of small stature, a little smaller than Filiberto (who was a smaller man himself), and they were dressed in very tight fitting suits, contoured to the body. One of the strange beings approached carrying a special kind of helmet in his hands. He raised it and placed it on Filiberto's head.

This helmet seemed to be full of small needles and came down to the shoulders. The beings tried to communicate with Filiberto, speaking in a language that sounded like German. Coming to realize that Filiberto did not understand, one of the beings rotated a button on the right side of his chest and then began to speak in English. Filiberto indicated that he did not understand that either. Again the strange being rotated the button and began this time to speak in Spanish, with a Portuguese or Italian accent. Meanwhile they continued making tests on Filiberto's body that left 108 marks.

In this place where they had him detained, though he could not see outside, Filiberto experienced the distinct sensation of flying in the air. Later he felt like the velocity was diminishing, then he felt some jerks, and a port was opened. The extraterrestrials made him pass through to another bigger room. There, on a high seat, like a throne, was seated an individual wearing a cape. His body was similar to a human body. He wore a chain on his collar that fell to his abdomen, from which hung a triangular-shaped stone that rotated in many directions. A bright light came from the wall, which impeded Filiberto's ability to observe closely the facial features of this alien entity. The walls of this place were in resplendent colors and seemed to be made of some kind of lucite material, or perhaps like a transparent resin acrylic. This person, who seemed to be in charge, perhaps their chief, addressed Filiberto in perfect Spanish while at the same time transmitting ideas telepathically. 

The conversation revolved in turn from the subjects of human beings to humanity. On the walls they projected images, something like television pictures, that showed scenes from the past, the present, and also the future. All of this equipment apparatus was controlled by some buttons that the extraterrestrial had under his control in the arms of the seat or throne, and also on the floor there in front of the seat.

After this they opened another port and the captive Filiberto was carried to a small room, where he was placed in a seat similar to the first which sucked him down and impeded his movements as before. He was now in a small ship that was discharged from the mothership. Nearing the end of this flight, Filiberto could see what looked like a stretch of narrow beach approaching. There the extraterrestrial who seemed to be the pilot of this ship disembarked from the craft and, with something he carried in his hand, made a signal toward the base of a high mountain. In this place the captive could see large rocks, some vegetation, and a "small horse." The animal was later identifled as a lama. One of the rocks opened up and became like "a tunnel toward the sea." From there came other flying objects. The pilot reentered the ship carrying Filiberto and it whirled toward the sea with the others. In front of Filiberto there appeared a kind of windshield, very close to his face. The space ships began to move and dived into the sea and submerged travelling at a fantastic speed. The captive at this time could not see what was in front of him. All was obscured by the incredible velocity.

The ship veered to the right and began to lose speed. In front of them Filiberto could now see a tunnel with illuminated walls, as if they were phosphorescent. The ship went into this tunnel and later came to a stop in a place completely dry. It looked like a large cavern but he noticed that it did not have any stalactites or stalagmites. It was a very big place. Here was a place made out of rock where he noticed two symbols. One of them had the form of a serpent. It was of great size, as big as an "electric light pole." The other was similar to the first but smaller. In that place the extraterrestrials disembarked from the ship with their captive and took him to a rock, where they let him sit down. They make him drink "a liquid that tasted like honey," which they told him was for nourishment.

They opened an enormous door, that was like a whole wall, and a number of "people" came out. Filiberto felt pressure in his chest as if he could not breathe. The sensations and odors were very strange in this place. At this point someone came up to Filiberto and said "WELCOME."

This individual who received him spoke in perfect Spanish with a South American accent. He looked like an Earth person. He informed Filiberto that he was "from Earth and had been for some time working with the extraterrestrials." He also said that "he should be happy, because he was going to receive some instructions from a human being like us."

After they had taken Filiberto through another door toward a street of what seemed to be a city, they crossed it and entered a small building. In that place Filiberto felt like he was sucked up against a wall. This panel revolved a turn and converted itself into a sort of table. Paralyzed, the captive observed the ceiling, while at the same time he could see figures moving around him doing things. At one side of the wall he could see his clothes "floating" in the air, and he now knew he was nude. They put a light in his eyes, something in his ears (which they later told him was a transceiver so they could communicate with him), and examined him with other instruments. From the walls came mechanical arms full of instruments with which they looked at and tested almost his whole body. One of these arms connected something to his penis and sucked and ejaculation of semen from him. He felt no pain but he could not move because of some kind of invisible restraint.

Upon terminating the examination they let him set up and get dressed again. They went down a corridor until they arrived at another room. This place was the same, or very similar to the control room of the mothership. It had the same kind of high seat that rotated, an individual wearing a cape, television displays in the wall, etc. He demonstrated, by means of the televisions, to Filiberto, new and different things that were going to occur. Later he signaled to a reflection in the floor of "three triangles or pyramids united by a halo of fine light." He explained that "Those are the controls that we have here in the Earth. One in the Pacific Ocean (where we are now), another in the Atlantic Ocean, and the other deep in the earth."

Another extraterrestrial came up to the captive, and conducted him to still another distinct place. Along the way at times, he stopped, putting a hand on the captive's shoulder, and made him sleep. Later he would awaken him and ask, "Are you rested," and they would continue the march.

When they arrived he showed Filiberto a book, with many photographs of distinct places. He made Filiberto think that this had taken them 18 months. For food he gave Filiberto "some things like pills." For a time, Filiberto felt like he was going crazy. They passed another habitation where there were two individuals "who looked like Earth people" that were all gray "like the ones they use in laboratories." He was taken to another habitation where there was a party going on like some kind of a reunion.

After that he was taken to a great room where there was a great ship in a vertical position "like our big rockets." They went inside of this, and encountered in this spaceship three more extra-terrestrials, who placed him in one of those suction seats as before, and then they set up the controls and manipulated the ship for departure.

The captive could see nothing of what was happening outside. After a short trip the door of the flying machine opened and Filiberto was put out of the ship, in a pasture. The space people opened his mouth and made him drink something. At this time the captive began to feel bad. The ship took off vertically at high speed and was disappearing from view high in the sky, and Filiberto made a supreme effort to orient himself. He didn't know where he was. He began to move his feet on the Earth again…


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all honour to Wendelle - the most important ufo-investigator in modern time- because he has brought forward and published those positve contact-cases - in contrast to the mil/gov./film/BIG-MONEY info- WHICH  ONLY GOES ON  MAKING FRIGHT. 

Because those same power-behind-people, have "traded" our genetics to some dark ETraces, and are now afraid that this shall be public known before they die.


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